Purebble PRO

Microbubble convergent shower

For hair salons

Change your shower. Change your hair.

Reduce water usage by 40%!

Reliable Japanese product

Developed and produced in Japan.

Patent number: PAT.3993722, PAT.4002439
Trademark registration number: 5157178

There is no need for cartridge replacement. This is a long lasting product!

Promote emulsion for hair coloring treatment
Shorten the time required for shampooing
Gentle on beautician's hands
Designed for salons. Avoids water splashes
Excellent hand form
Makes hair moist and soft

*Introductory video to Purebble II illustrating the effect of microbubbles. Purebble PRO is customized for salon use.

Microbubble convergent shower

Purebble PRO features

Excellent cleaning effects

You can get enough cleaning effect even if you use small amount of shampoo.
It breaks shampoo foam and rinse it off quickly.
It washes away agents left in hair and on head well.

Image of microbubbles in action cleaning skin

20 micron microbubbles foamed by Purebble II absorb and encapsulate skin dirt and pore-clogging debris without stressing your skin.

Massage and relaxation

Microbubbles stimulate, massage and relax the scalp, and promote blood circulation.

Purebble PRO microbubbles gently remove excess oils and dead cells and leave a moist scalp. Microbubbles also massage the scalp for a relaxing sensation.

Reduced shower water splashes

The outer shower ring operates as a water curtain to minimize water splashes.
The water curtain targets microbubble delivery to the scalp.

Moisturizing effect

Hair becomes moist and smooth after shampooing.

Purebble PRO reduces water usage by 40%. Save money!(Research by former Kyushu Association of Industrial Hygiene)

Our unique microbubble technology reduces water consumption but you will not want for more water.

Microbubble convergent shower

Purebble PRO structure

Designed for salon use, meaning you can use the
shower head directly on your customer's head.

The outer ring of the shower operates as a water
curtain to minimize water splashes.

What are microbubbles?

Bubbles in water

*The tube in this photo was used to send air into the air inlet, for the purposes of this photo only.

Microbubbles are tiny bubbles only a few microns in size. Microbubbles have surprising features compared with normal millimeter-sized bubbles. Microbubbles stay in water a long time, and have a reduced tendency to coalesce with other bubbles. They also absorb floating substances in water. The microbubble is used in various fields now because of these unique features. *1 μm = 1/1000 mm

How microbubbles are generated

Number and size of a bubble

*70 millions bubbles in 1 litre of water! (measured for a single special nozzle)

Microbubble carbon mixer

Aura Jet

For hair salons

You can switch between carbon microbubbles and air microbubbles as per your treatment with a single touch of a button.

Aura Jet features

Convenient size.

The body size is compact (35 x 115 mm) and light. It can fit under the shampoo basin.

It is efficient.

It can make densely carbonated water with small amount of gas efficiently, because it turns carbon into microbubbles.
*Please use Aura Jet with Purebble PRO. You cannot achieve similar microbubble effects with other shower heads.


Purebble PRO

For hair salons
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