Purebble II

Microbubble shower

For all the family

Low water pressure Yet comfortable showering Powered by our microbubble water flow

Reduce water usage by 40%!

Purebble II Sweet


Introducing the new Purebble II Sweet!

Same great functions and power
Simple and clean white color
Two variations of plate color at a reasonable price!

Pink and Ivory Two variations of plate color!

Light compact body, woman and children-friendly

Reliable Japanese product

Developed and produced in Japan.

Patent number: PAT.3993722, PAT.4002439
Trademark registration number: 5157178

Microbubbles for healthy skin

The gentle foam is safe for sensitive skin, babies, and pets.

Special nozzle reduced water use by 40%. Save money!(Research by former Kyushu Association of Industrial Hygiene)

Our unique microbubble technology
reduces water consumption but you
will not want for more water.

There is no need for cartridge replacement. This is a long lasting product!

1:Excellent cleaning results

Use less soap or shampoo to achieve the same cleaning results. Reduce excessive sebum cleaning. Wash sensitive skin gently.
20 micron micro bubbles formed by Purebble II absorb and encapsulate skin dirt and pore-clogging debris without stressing your skin.

*Image of microbubbles skin cleaning in action

2:Gentle bathing effect

Feel warmer for longer after a Purebble II shower Enjoy a microbubble bath by filling your bathtub.

Bath experiment (The subject took a shower for 30 seconds.)

Before shower
10 minutes later
Left: Normal shower / Right: Purebble II

*Skin temperature was higher 10 minutes after the shower than directly afterwards.

Microbubble hot water has been shown to increase blood flow and skin warmth. Similar to the effect of hot springs.

*(Cited from The Latest Technology on Microbubbles and Nanobubbles II published by CMC Publication)

Fill your bathtub with Purebble II. The water is softened by microbubbles and won't irritate your skin.

3:Moisturising effect for beautiful skin

Delicate microbubble foam stimulates your skin and massages and relaxes. Achieve natural, healthy, and beautiful skin.
Microbubbles foam from Purebble II removes excess oils and dead cells off gently for moist and beautiful skin. Also, the microbubbles massage and relax your skin.

What are microbubbles?

Bubbles in water

Microbubbles are tiny bubbles only a few microns in size. Microbubbles have surprising features compared with normal millimeter-sized bubbles. Microbubbles stay in water a long time, and have a reduced tendency to coalesce with other bubbles. They also absorb floating substances in water. The microbubble is used in various fields now because of these unique features. *1μm = 1/1000mm *1 micron equals 1/1000 of a millimeter

How microbubbles are generated

Number and size of bubbles

*70 millions bubbles in 1 litre of water! (measured for a single special nozzle)

How to bathe your pet

Fill your tub with Purebble II and give your pet a hot bath.

Use shampoo

Rinse well with microbubble
hot water

Good job!

Testimonials from our test users.

Purebble II was developed based on the feedback from our test users to achieve the maximum effect of microbubbles. The product is both functional and has a high quality design.

Where did you notice the effect of Purebble II?

Effect on skin

The hot water felt soft and moist on my skin
Nose pores were refined

Effect on hot water

Water became soft and I felt warm for longer
Reminds me of a hot spring
*When the user filled the bathtub using Purebble II

Effects on hair

Hair became moist and glossy
Hair became smooth
Shampoo foams well and rinses easily

Other effects

Dog dandruff was reduced and coat became shiny
*Feedbacks are from our monitors where each user has varied experience. 



Purebble II Sweet

(white and pink + ivory)

¥12,500 (excl. tax)

New Price

Purebble II PP/I

(Pearl pink and ivory)

¥13,500 (excl. tax)

New Price

Purebble II PW/LG

(Pearl white and light gray)

¥13,500 (excl. tax)

New Price

Purebble II S/DG

(Silver and dark gray)

¥13,500 (excl. tax)

Purebble II M/DG

(Metallic and dark gray)

¥16,000 (excl. tax)

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