Micro bubble Shower head Purebble

Microbubbles foam from Purebble
removes excess sebum and dead cells gently.
Help to keep moist and beautiful skin.

We are a manufacturer which has researched and developed “Micronanobubbles Technology” since 1997. We have provided related equipment to our partner universities and companies for their own study and research as well. Microbubbles technology was invented in Japan in 1990’s ahead of every country in the world. It has drawn attention and has become popular for its various effects in many fields such as purification of water and soil, fishery and agricultural, including the medical purposes, etc. By further research and studies will be able to proceed widely its potential of huge possibilities of micronanobubbles application technology. During the time I started to my research of microbubbles technology, it was a very minor field. Then, during the last two decades, “Micronanobubbles” became widely known. The possibilities of its potential in the past has now many roles in several fields. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be involved in the field for such a long time.

In the area where I grew up in was a famous castle town in the riverside district, called Yanagawa, in Fukuoka. From my childhood memories, I recall that I used to play in the crystal clear streams with my friends everyday, till days drew in. The beautiful environment and natural surroundings of glistening rivers and streams was too ordinary to appreciate at that time. As I observed, year after year, the environment has changed, and the view of my childhood memories slowly hazed. It later made me realize that my childhood experiences were very precious ones. Thinking back now, my childhood experience challenged or moved me in such a way that it became a potential opportunity towards what I am doing now. The gift of water is not only essential in our lives, but also the bubbles created by capability of water has an important role. I would feel amply rewarded for my efforts if my contribution can be helpful to be part of and be a potential solution for various issues that we currently experience in our world.

Development of Microbubbles Showerhead

In 2007, we started to develop the microbubbles showerhead for home use. It was one challenging experience as well. One day, a veterinary doctor who specialized in skin disease in Fukuoka asked us to develop the bathing system for pet treatment. After the doctor tried the microbubbles bath system, integrated generator to their bath system. He was surprised and satisfied of the result and improvement of the dog‘s skin condition. Instead of bath system, shower head will be handy and compact. That paved the way for the production of our full-scaled development of the microbubbles showerhead for home use.
There were several trials and challenging situations came up, because it was our first try. Although we faced difficulties, after many trial and error experiences that I accumulated by that time, it led to the success of the development after all.
We finally succeeded "Purebble" as our first microbubbles shower head for home use, yet which has been applied for our patented "Aura Jet Method".

What are microbubbles?

“Microbubbles” are tiny bubbles with a diameter ranging from few microns to about a few tens of microns in size. And “nanobubbles” are regarded the invisible bubbles as a diameter of submicron order. *1μm = 1/1000 mm

What are features?

Microbubbles stay in water a long time, and have a reduced tendency to coalesce with other bubbles. They also absorb floating substances in water. Those bubbles have unique features and different effects on different area. Each type of bubble has its own use and can be applicable its appropriate field.

Why use microbubbles for showerhead?

When it comes to needed effects of bubbles of a showerhead, the size of the bubbles is important. Microbubbles are suitable to take off skin's sebum in cleansing effect by showering, while nanobubbles are too tiny to take them off. Our showerhead is designed using the "Aura Jet Method" which can generate microbubbles stably and maximizes its performance.

Various parts have been created through the experiments
Various parts have been created
through the experiments
Setting microbubbles generator while the experiment in public pond (2007)
Setting microbubbles generator while the
experiment in public pond (1999)
Water streams in nature
Water streams in nature

The Various Fields of Micro/Nano bubbles Technology

The Various Fields of Microbubbles Technology

Environmental Technology Field

Purification of Water Area
Purify the water by activation aerobic
microorganism in adding microbubbles to
increase the density of oxygen in the water.
Purification of Soil
Dissolve the toxic materials by using
microbubbles cleaning process of
contaminated soil.

The Industrial World

Improvement of Fuel Efficiency
Improve fuel efficiency by adding microbubbles
to reform fuel.
Ship Resistance Reduction
Reduce the friction resistance by pouring
the bubbles under ship’s surface.
Wastewater Treatment
Remove the pollutants by floatation process.

Fishery and Agricultural Industries

Supplying Oxygen to Crops
Enhanced production by hydroponics
with microbubbles.
Various Aquacultures
Promoting the growth by rich oxygen
density with microbubbles.

Household Appliance Industry

Bathing Related Equipment
Cleaning and warm bath effects by
microbubbles in the water.
Washing Machine and Dish Washers
Cleaning improvement and reduction on
consumption of detergents.

Excellent Cleaning Results

Comparison of removing foundation by shower in the test here. It shows the different lemon’s surface after applying water with an ordinary showerhead (A) and with a microbubbles shower (B). There beige color still can be seen clearly on A, but B looks much lighter.
Excellent cleaning results achieved.

Water tetemperature 40°C
Pressures: 0.07MPa
Washing Duration: 30sec
Distance from Showerhead: 20cm

Comparison of Cleaning Effect Experiment

A:Ordinary Showerhead
A:Ordinary Showerhead

Warm Bath Effects

According to the test shown, skin temperature was higher 10minutes after the shower than immediately after. Feel warmer for longer after having a shower with Purebble.
Microbubbles hot water has shown to increase blood flow and body temperature which leaves the skin warm, similar to the effect of hot springs*.

*Cited from The Latest Technology on Microbubbles and Nanobubbles II published by CMC Publication

Warm Bath Effects Experiment

Left hand : Ordinary type / Right hand: Purebble

Warm Bath Effects Experiment
Room temperature 26.2 °C
Water temperature 40°C
Flow rate & Pressures: 7.5L/min -0.07MPa
Duration of taking shower : 30sec
Distance from Showerhead: 20cm

Moisturizing Effect

Tiny microbubbles foam mildly stimulate
and massage your skin with a relaxing effect,
which leads to healthy and beautiful skin condition.
Wash sensitive skin gently without taking
skin’s sebum too much.

How microbubbles are generated?

“Special ejector method” is applied which by using
the air from the hole and water flow through the
nozzle generating microbubbles.

Ordinary type
Convergent type

The difference between the ordinary type
and convergent type?

Ordinary type showerhead’s water flow spreads widely
so it is suited for wide area.
Convergent type showerhead’s water flow is towards
the center, which minimizes splashes; suitable to
narrow place.

Histogram of bubble diameter distribution

Bubble diameter measurement graph

This graph shows that 20microns sized microbubbles are mostly distributed.
It tested with a single nozzle which apply to our showerhead.
There approximately 70millions bubbles in 1liter of water.

About40% of water saving!
Microbubbles showerhead "Purebble" does not required cartridge
replacement and the mechanism of showerhead's water flow achieved
about 40% water saving as well.
User’s Manual
Ordinary type
Convergent type
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